Getting Started

  1. Getting started overview
  2. Adding your company information
  3. Add your terms, privacy, opt-ins and consent
  4. Updating the default email copy
  5. Add your staff roles with default rates
  6. Staff status settings
  7. Sending SMS messages
  8. Add your branding and email signature
  9. Sending out the welcome email to the staff
  10. How we invoice your monthly subscription fees

Getting started overview

Before you start using your Staffwise please ensure you have gone through the list below and made any changes required to these system settings.

Settings can be found here in your system:

Adding your company information

Please go to Settings > Site settings > Main Contact Information and add the following:

  • Company name
  • Company phone
  • Company email
  • Booking email

Add your terms, privacy, opt-ins and consent

In the staff registration process the new applicant must agree to your terms, privacy statement, opt-ins and consent.

You manage the terms, etc within 'Settings > Staff registration > Terms, privacy, consent, opt-ins, etc (Edit)'

Note that if you update your terms make sure to tick the 'Requires approval' checkbox below to ensure staff have to agree to the terms again when logging into their staffarea.

Please see this article: Managing your terms, privacy statements, opt-ins and consent

Updating the default email copy

With the system there are a number of automatic emails that are sent that may need to be reworded to suit your company.

Please check through them and ammend where neccessary, each email under 'Message options > Email copy > Auto (tab)'

Note - don't remove any words within [[double_tags]] as these are popoulated, similar to a mail merge, with the relevent details. A list of available tags can be found at this article: Creating and amending email templates

Add your staff roles with default rates

In order to start creating your campaigns and schedules you will need to have all your custom staff roles added to the system. You can also add default rates to these roles so when you build a schedule these rates are populated automatically to save you time and keep things consistent. They can still be adjusted if neccessary.

Each staff role also needs a 'short name'. This is for when building a schedule via a CSV import as the 'role' column uses this code to make it easier to create your schedule in Excel.

Full details for adding and managing roles can be found here: Staff roles

You manage the staff roles within 'Settings > Staff options > Staff roles'

Staff status settings

Make sure to add all your custom staff statuses. You manage the staff statuses within 'Settings > Staff options > Staff statuses'

Full details here on managing these: Staff statuses

Sending SMS messages

In order to send SMS messages from the system you will need to register with

We can manage this on your behalf but we would have to add 70% to each SMS you send, so we give you the option to manage this yourselves and save on the costs.

Once you are registered please send us the login details so we can link your system to send SMS via your text marketer account.

Add your branding and email signature

Details on how to add your company branding and email signature can be found here: Adding and managing your system branding

Sending out the welcome email to the staff

Once your system is setup you can email the staff a welcome email to advise on the following:

  • That you have moved to a new system
  • How to recreate a new password to login
  • To ensure their profile is complete and up to date
  • Anything else you want to inform them of

First we advise you to check the wording of the welcome email and to add more content if required under Settings > Message Options >  Manage email templates > Custom tab > Welcome email > Edit

You can then send the welcome email to the active staff as follows:

  1. Go to 'Send message'
  2. Then set the following:
    1. Recipients: 'Status: Active'
    2. Select a template: 'Welcome email'
    3. Type: 'Job Related'
  3. Then quickly check over the contents of the email again and press send


How we invoice your monthly subscription fees

We have a minimum of 2 management user licenses per client at £99 per user, and you can pay your monthly subscription invoices by bank transfer or by direct debit.

With regards to the billing cycle:

  • We bill at the beginning of the month for the month ahead. Let's say the month ahead is September.
  • When you add a new user account in that month (September) and then make it inactive within 7 days we don't pick it up as a new user. So it's free.
  • If that account was added for more than 7 days and then made inactive it would be picked up in the next month billing cycle and so you are effectively paying for that account that you have already had, and not for the month ahead, as the account is no longer there.
  • If that account stays permanently from adding in September, and the next billing comes around for October, then effectively you are paying for the month ahead for that new account and you get the previous month's usage free of charge.
  • We will invoice you 15-20 days before payment is due.