Exporting shifts

  1. Exporting shifts via locations/shifts

Exporting shifts via locations/shifts

To export shifts you must first go to the locations/shifts for the campaign. You can export shifts on the following tabs:

  • Location view
  • Dates view
  • Staff view

When exporting you must first select the shifts you want to export on each of the tabs. You can:

  • Select all shifts by ticking this checkbox next to With selected to select all the shifts on the page:
  • Select certain shifts by using the checkboxes next to the venues, dates and individual shifts:
    • By selecting a venue you will select all dates and shifts under that venue
    • By selecting a date you will select all shifts under that date
    • By selecting a shift you can select individual shifts
  • The same rules apply for the Dates view and Staff view tabs

When you have the shifts selected you must now:

  • Go to With selected > Export
  • At the top of the next popup dialogue it will show you the shifts you are about to export
  • You can now also select which fields to export in the CSV:
    • You can also individually double click on each field item to move them between columns and chose your Chosen fields
    • Use the right pointed arrow in the left Choose fields column to add to the right Chosen fields column
    • Use the left pointed arrow in the right Chosen fields to remove all fields back to the left Choose fields column
    • Click on OK to export

Note that all shifts will be exported even shifts that are not booked.