Staff expenses

  1. Adding expenses categories
  2. 'Mileage (A to B)' settings
  3. Viewing and approving the staff expenses

Adding expenses categories

To add your expenses categories go to Settings > Expenses > Expense types

See: Expense types

'Mileage (A to B)' settings

Go to Settings > Expenses > Expense types > Edit

By default the Mileage (A to B) claiming process is not enabled. Click on Inactive for Mileage (A to B) to make it active.

Now click on Edit for Mileage (A to B) to add default costs per mile for each currency.

You can also add mileage costs on each staff profile for any special circumstance for different custom mileage rates per staff. Go to Staff profile > Rates tab  and by adding a rate per mile here it will over ride the global rate for this person.


Viewing and approving the staff expenses

  • Go to Campaigns > Awaiting signoff > Expenses tab. The expenses are grouped by Campaign with totals to the right
  • Click to expand a Campaign to see the expenses that need to be actioned
    • Click on the image to see it larger
  • To approve or decline the expenses:
    • Click on Action to be able to approve individually and add comments.
    • This would usually be for when you are going to decline an expense and to add comments for the staff as to why
    • Or use the checkboxes to the left, and With selected > Accept / Decline
  • The actions are then logged and shown with a user and time/date stamp