Job actions

  1. Campaign options
    1. Campaign actions
    2. Campaign contact

Campaign actions

On the campaign list on the actions column you have the following options

  • Edit overview
    • This will take you to the campaign setup page
  • Edit schedule
    • This will take you to edit or add a schedule.
  • Shifts
    • This will take you to the locations/shifts page
  • Files
    • You can add campaign related files here to be used when send campaign briefs
  • Default rates and rules
    • If you have global rates added to the system for each role you can overide them in here for just this campaign
      • Roles that are added to the job will appear in bold at the top of the list
  • Budgets
    • Ability to add proposed budgets per role for comparisons in reports with actual figures
  • Duplicate campaign
    • This will duplicate the campaign setup and not the schedule
  • Archive
    • Use this to place a campaign into the archive. These campaigns will not show in any campaign searches or filters

Campaign contact

This allows you to easily contact certain staff on a campaign


  • All staff booked on this campaign
  • All staff that have completed a shift
  • All staff booked on future shifts
  • All staff booked on todays shifts
  • All staff booked on tomorrows shifts
  • All staff booked on yesterdays shifts