1. Notifications side bar
  2. Notification popups

Notifications side bar

Click on the 'Notifications' button to expand the left side bar to show you a list of:

  • Shift applications
    • Staff main photo
    • Staff name
    • Total shifts applied for
    • Time and date stamp applied
    • Campaign name applied for
    • Mouse over to see more information and actions:
      • Staff main photo
      • Staff name
      • Staff email
      • Staff phone
      • Staff town
      • Campaign applied for
      • Role applied for
      • List of shifts applied for
      • View full profile (button)
      • View profile overview (button)
      • Staff reputation
      • Book (button)
  • Reporting submissions
    • Staff main photo
    • Report submitted
    • Time / date stamp

Notification popups

Popup notifications for shift applications and report submissions will appear:

  • In the top left of the browser in you have the browser open
  • In the bottom left of the desktop if you have the browser minimised

You can click the notification to see more details.