1. Job History report
  2. Compliance report
  3. Management information report
  4. Cost breakdown report
  5. Roles breakdown report
  6. Furlough export

Job History report

The Job history report shows the following shift information for all shifts added via the system:

  • Date of shift
  • Photo
  • Name/Role/Contact
  • Campaign
  • Location
  • Evalution
    • Added via shift evaluation, removal from a shift, or manually via the notes tab in staff profiles
  • Notes
    • Added via shift evaluation, removal from a shift, or manually via the notes tab in staff profiles

IT allows you to search using the following search filters:

  • Date from
  • Date to
  • Note type
    • Shift evaluation
    • Removal from a shift
  • Campaigns

Compliance report

The aim of this report is to give you a total percentage of shifts that could not be filled after dropouts and staff that did not show.

This report is structured as follow follows:

  • Date
    • Date of the shift
  • Staff required
    • Total staff required on that day
  • Dropped out over 24 hours
  • Dropped out within 24 hours
  • Dropped out on the day
  • DNS (Did not show)
  • Replaced
    • Automatically calculated from total removed from a shift and whether or not someone else was booked back into that shift
  • Lost
    • Automatically calculated based upon shifts not booked after staff were removed from a shift based upon the above removal reasons
  • -----------------------------------------------
  • Dates
    • The full date range of shifts shown on this page
  • Required
    • Total staff required for selected date range
  • Dropouts percentage
    • Percentage of staff that dropped out for selected date range
  • Did not show percentage
    • Percentage of staff that did not show for selected date range
  • Replaced percentage
    • The percentage of staff that were replaced from the 'DNS + Dropouts'
  • Lost percentage
    • Total percentage of staff that could not be replaced from DNS and Dropouts.

Management information report

The Mamangement information report will show you the total shift bookings per user account (staff booker/manager) using the following filters:

  • Frequency
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Yearly
  • Date from
  • Date to
  • Staff manager

Cost breakdown report

The 'Cost breakdown report' will show you the cashflow of projects per month split into for wages, expenses, subs, bonuses and dedcutions, as follows:

  • Total Allocated
    • Total cost of all shifts added via the schedule (boooked and not booked)
  • Booked shifts
    • Total cost of all shifts that have been have a booking status of 'booked'
  • Total signed off (in grey and brackets)
    • Total cost of all booked shifts that have completed and been signed off for payroll (in Awaiting payment)
  • Paid
    • Total cost of shift exported for payroll (in Payroll batches)


Roles breakdown report

The Roles breakdown report shows you how many of each role have been allocated to each shift with the following columns:

  • Role
  • Total shifts allocated
  • Total shifts booked
  • Total male booked
  • Total female booked

You can also filter the results by:

  • Month
  • Tags
  • Campaigns

Furlough export

A new report has been added here to help you export all the staff from your system that need to be furloughed:

To use this report:

  • Apply the date ranges in the filters at the top of the page and press search.
    • The date range filters have already been set to 6th April 2020 through till the current day. Please change if required.
  • You will now see a list of staff in this format:
  • Now click on export button to download these staff into a file which contains 4 files to help with your job retention admin:
    • Shifts.csv - A list of all shifts worked during this period
    • Staff_totals.csv - A list of all staff worked in this date range with wage totals
    • Staff_totals_by_month.csv - Wage totals (including expenses, subs, etc) per month for the selected date range
    • Staff_totals_by_month_rate_only.csv - Wage totals (excluding expenses, subs, etc) per month for the selected date range
  • In order to be able to contact these staff later and keep a record of the staff that were furloughed in your system you can add a staff tag.
    • Select all the staff in the list by selecting the checkbox in the header row
    • Select With Selected > Add tag
    • Now start typing the staff tag you want to add these staff to.
      • If the tag already exists select if from the list that appears:
      • If the tag doesn't already exist, just type it into the field and press return when done to create the tag as shown:
      • Now press OK to add them to this staff tag