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  2. Your upcoming booked jobs
  3. Terms, consent and opt-ins


This first block on your dashboard gives you all the information you require for Today's shift including:

  • Campaign/Event name
  • Shift details - Role, shift times, team name, location (links to Google Maps)
  • You campaign/event manager contact details
  • Other staff at your shift location today

  • ON ROUTE (button)
    • Use this when you wake up to let your employer know that you are up and ready to get going.
    • Upon clicking the button will change to a time/date stamp in their staffarea:
  • CHECK IN / CHECK OUT (button)
    • You can only check-in when you are within the check-in radius of your shift location, generally this is between 250m and 500m. When clicking it will ask to allow or block access to your location. You must click 'OK' in order to check-in with GPS.

      We realise that you may not want to allow access to your location, and if you do allow access, the GPS can sometimes be inconsistent via a mobile web browser and this can cause issues when trying to check-in, and thus has placed you outside of the check-in radius. In this scenario, where the system is unable to find your GPS location, you will be presented with the a message similar to the following:

      Upon pressing OK we utilise a secondary check-in method by asking you to take a photo of yourself at your shift location:

      Upon clicking 'Check in using a photo' the you can take a selfie in front of the venue:

      Pressing OK will send the check-in photo and date/time stamp back to the system.

      The same rules apply for checking out, except you are not allowed to checkout before the shift end time has passed. If you try to check out before the shift has finished them will see this message:

  • SHIFT APPROVAL (button)
    • If you can see this button it might be that you need to get approval from the venue or store manager. Upon clicking you will be presented with this popup to add for the Manager to fill in:

Your upcoming booked jobs

This block will show you details regarding your new 5 shifts, with a link at the end to see all your upcoming booked shifts if there are more then 5.

Click to one of the 5 shifts to expand to see more details:


Terms, consent and opt-ins

This block on your dashboard will show you what you have agreed to with regards to terms, privacy, opt-ins, consents and waivers. Click EDIT to see more details.