Shift Signoff

  1. Signing off staff shifts

Signing off staff shifts

If you are permissioned to sign off staff shifts on behalf of your employer you will see the Shift Signoff section in the left navigation.

  • On this page you will see all the staff you are permitted to signoff
  • By clicking Evaluate you will see the following dialog: 
  • You can evaluate:
    • BEFORE (Attendance and punctuality)
    • DURING (Performance during the activity)
      • When selecting an item in Before or During you are asked whether or not this was acceptable or unacceptable
    • AFTER (Signoff and adjustment to hours)
      • Give the shift a thumbs up or thumbs down depending on performance
      • Adjust the start and finish time to the hours actually worked by the staff
    • Notes (Add any comments that need to be recorded