Check in/out

  1. Ensuring you have a check-in radius set
  2. How do staff check in and out?
  3. Viewing staff check-in and out details
  4. Amending staff check-in and out details

Ensuring you have a check-in radius set

It is important that you set a default check-in radius as this allows staff to check-in even when their GPS isn't pin pointing them exactly. This can happen when they are in large buildings like exhibition centers or basement levels in shopping centers.

Please see main article for setting a global check-in radius: Default check-in radius

If you are using the internal venue database for your venues in your schedule you can set a check-in radius per venue. Please see: Venue database for details on setting up venus with their own check-in radius.

How do staff check in and out?

On the day of the shift the staff will all see the following on their dashboard upon logging into the staffarea: 

Providing the staff are within the check-in radius and allow the page to take their GPS location they can  click on 'Check-in' so that the system can check them into their shift with a date/time stamp and GPS location.

We realise that GPS can sometimes be inconsistent via a mobile web browser and this can cause issues when trying to check-in as the location your web browser determines you to be is not where you are, and thus has placed you outside of the check-in radius. Or it could be that staff aren't allowing their location to be shared. In this scenario where the system is unable to find their GPS location then they will be presented with the a message similat to the following:

There can be various reasons that we cannot control so upon pressing OK we utilise a secondary check-in method by asking them to take a photo of them at their location:

Upon clicking 'Check in using a photo' the staff can take a selfie in front of the venue:

Pressing OK will send the check-in photo and date/time stamp back to the system.

The same rules apply for checking out, except they are not allowed to checkout before the shift end time has passed. If they try to check out before the shift has finished them will see this message:

Viewing staff check-in and out details

The check-in and out details can be found in the following places within the main system:

  • Dashboard (top left block)
  • Today, tomorrow, yesterday, etc
  • Awaiting signoff
  • Locations/shifts

Amending staff check-in and out details

Click on the check-in or check-out times on the dashboard:

Then amend using the popup dialogue and press OK: