Inviting staff to jobs

  1. Why would I invite staff to a job?
  2. Adding and managing Job invite email templates
  3. Ways to invite staff to jobs
  4. Selecting and sending the job invite email
  5. Viewing the staff that have been invited to a job

Why would I invite staff to a job?

Inviting staff to a job allows you to send out a bulk email to staff you feel would be suitable for the job. It doesn't specifically link the staff to specific shfts, but to the job as a whole.

A benefit to using this is that the shifts do not need to be published to the Job Market (See: Publishing) as staff invited to a job will be able to see all the shifts for that job in the Job Market. This give you greater control over who sees the job.

Adding and managing Job invite email templates

There is a default job invite email template under Settings > Message options > Manage email templates > Auto tab called 'Invite staff'.

You can add more 'Invite to job' email templates by clicking on the 'Custom' tab and adding a new template with type set as 'Invite to job'. See Manage email templates for how to create custom email templates.

Ways to invite staff to jobs

You can invite staff to jobs via the following places in the system

  • Search staff
  • Locations / shiftt
  • Staff and campaign quick search

Via Search staff

  • Go to Staff > Search staff in the top main menu
  • Use the search filters to find that staff you wish to invite
  • You can now either;
    • Select the staff in the list using the checkboxes to the right and go to With Selected > Invite to Job
    • Or invite everyone in the search results list by going to With All > Invite to Job

Via Locations / shifts

  • When booking staff to a shift there is a button next to the textfield which will take you to the Search staff page:
  • This button will launch a staff search window with with a blue bar at the bottom of the window linking this search instance to the campaign, location, and shift you wanting to inviting staff to:
  • You can now invite staff to the job in the blue bar by:
    • Following the same instuctions above in 'Via Search staff' to invite staff in bulk
    • Inviting staff individually using 'invite' button to the right:

Staff campaign and quick search

  • When searching for staff in the 'Quick search' there is a an 'invite to job' button as shown here:

Selecting and sending the job invite email

Once you have started the process of inviting staff to a job via one of the methods in Ways to invite staff to jobs you will now need to:

  • Select the 'invite to job' template
  • Select the job:
  • Select the method(s) of communication by ticking one of more of the following checkboxes next to each:
    • Send SMS Message
    • Send PUSH Notification
    • Email message
  • Ensure the copy in the following are correct and make any adjustments where neccessary:
    • Send SMS Message
      • Add short message if selected
    • Send PUSH Notification
      • Add short message if selected
    • Email subject
      • Check to make sure correct
    • Enter reply email
      • Leave blank for it to be the email address associated with the account that is currently logged in
    • Email message
      • Sense check to make sure no custom adjustments are required
  • Click to 'Preview email' to see what will be send with branding and email signature
  • Click 'Send' to send the job invite email

Viewing the staff that have been invited to a job

Under Campaigns > Locations / Shifts there is a tab called 'Invited staff view':

This will the following information for all staff you have invited to this job:

  • Date invited
  • Invited by
  • Staff name
    • Linked to take you to the user profile