Shortlisting staff to jobs

  1. Why would you shortlist staff to shifts?
  2. Shortlisting staff to shifts via 'Search staff'
  3. Viewing the shortlisted staff in locations/shifts
  4. Filtering the shortlisted staff in locations/shifts

Why would you shortlist staff to shifts?

Unlike inviting staff, which just invites them to the job as a whole, shortlisting staff allows you to allocate staff to actual shifts. They appear in a similar way to staff shift applications in locations/shifts. 

Also, if you are not yet ready to send out job invites or book staff but you know of the staff you want to reach out to, you can first allocate them to the jobs and shifts by adding them to a shortlist, and then skip the email that informs they they are shortlisted.

This then allocates the shortlisted staff to actual shifts so when you are ready to start contacting them regarding the job they are already listed to make it quicker and easier to invite/contact them and then ultimately book them.

Shortlisting staff to shifts via 'Search staff'

Once you have performed a staff search you can then:

  • Select the staff in the list you wish to shortlist
  • Then go to With selected > Add to shortlist
  • You will now be presented with the following:
    • Select the job
    • Select the role
    • Select the location > dates
      • You can change the view to be by dates > locations by using the toggle under 'View'
  • Press OK
  • You can now decide whether or not you want to inform those staff that they are shortlisted:
    • Amend the email if required
    • Press Cancel to cancel the shortlisting
    • Press Skip email to shortlist the staff and not notify the staff
    • Press Preview email to preview the branded email
    • Pree Send to send the email to the staff to notify them they are shortlisted for the selected job and shifts
  • Upon shortlisting this status bar will appear at the top of the page informing you of the actions taken
    • You can click Go to campaign to take you to locations/shifts for campaign you shortlisted staff onto

Viewing the shortlisted staff in locations/shifts

Within locations/shifts for each campaign you can see how many staff have applied or been shortlisted to shifts

If you expand the location you can see the shortlisted items at the end of the shifts with that location > date:

You now have various options and information for staff in the shortlisted section:

  • Click on the email or phone to contact them via the system
  • Book
    • This will enable you to start the booking process for this person. See Booking staff
  • Staff profile
    • Opens the staff profile in a new window
  • Staff profile overview
    • Click to see the staff profile overview in an overlay in the current window
  • Distance from venue
    • Shows the distance of the staff main address to the shift venue
  • Staff rating
    • Star player - Gold/Silver/Bronze
    • Thumbs up rating - click to view
    • Neutral rating - click to view
    • Thumbs down rating - click to view
    • Trophy
  • Remove from shortlist
    • This will remove the staff from the shortlist and place them into the declined tab so that they cannot:
      • be shortlisted again
      • be invited again
      • Apply again 

Filtering the shortlisted staff in locations/shifts