Archiving staff

  1. Why move staff into the staff archive?
  2. Moving staff to the staff archive

Why move staff into the staff archive?

There is a two step approach to removing staff from the system:

  1. Move staff to staff archive
  2. Delete staff from the staff archive

We implement this approach so that staff can first be physically removed from being able to be booked onto shifts by adding them to the archive. This allows staff to then remain in the system until they actually are required to be deleted, or possibly be re-instated back to active to be booked again onto shifts.

There are many reasons staff might need to be archived and not deleted , e.g. travelling, found other temp work, etc. These are only temporary and work with your agency may continue in the future and so their profiles may need to be re-instated to active.

Placing staff in the archive strictly means that these staff will not be contacted or booked onto shifts. 

Moving staff to the staff archive

To move staff to the staff archive individually there is a 'remove' button in the top right had corner of each staff profile:

To move staff to the staff archive in bulk:

  • Go to 'Search staff'
  • Seach using the filters for staff required to be removed.
  • Select staff using the checkboxes on the left of the staff list
  • Go to 'With Selected > Archive'

Upon clicking 'Archive' you will be presented with the following dialogue:

You must now:

  • Specify a removal reason.
    • You can update this list via Settings > Shift options > Staff removal reasons. See: Staff removal reasons
  • Give a thumbs up or thumbs down
    • This determines whether removal from good or bad and is logged with the staff profiles notes
  • And/or specify a new reason or add addtional notes
  • Press OK
  • You can now:
    • Write an email to that person and press 'Send'
    • Skip sending an email by pressing 'Skip email'