Deleting staff

  1. Deleting staff from the staff archive

Deleting staff from the staff archive

In order to completely remove staff from the database you must first move them to the 'Staff archive'. See: Archiving staff

From the staff archive you can delete staff using a data pseudonymisation deletion process. This means that all the personal data from the profile will be deleted making it totally anonymous and leaving behind the following:

  • Staff id
  • Consent, opt-in log
    • In case it needs to be referenced in the future
  • Notes
  • Job history
  • Payroll history
    • If they have worked before
  • Status change history
  • Contact history

All of the above will have no reference to any personal information of the removed staff.

To delete staff:

  • Go to Staff > Archive
  • If required use the search filters to find the staff to remove and press 'Search'
  • Select the staff to be deleted using the checkboxes to the left
  • Go to 'With Selected > Completely remove'
  • You will be presented with the following dialogues to double check deletion of these staff:
    • Are you sure you want to remove?
    • If staff being removed have been booked onto shifts you will see a message stating that staff being deleted have a work history and are you sure to remove?
    • A final message 'Last chance.. You will not be able to undo this operation. Are you sure?'
    • You will now receive a message telling you 'Staff have been removed. Please click here to download personal data file.
      • This file MUST be downloaded at this point and can only be downloaded at this point.

When deleted the file will be downloaded to the desktop with the persons name and his staff id. This MUST be kept someone away from the database and to be used as required to pull up the above information about that person in the database.

This anonymous profile will no remain in the staff archive with a status of 'Deleted'.