Managing staff tags

  1. Assigning staff tags via a staff profile
  2. Adding staff tags in batches
  3. Managing staff tags
  4. Searching using Staff tags

Assigning staff tags via a staff profile

On the staff profile under the Main details > Contact tab there is a field labelled 'Tags':

To add a tag simply start typing and the tags that match what you are typing will appear. If the tag you require doesn't appear then simply type it in full and press enter and your tag will be created and added.

Adding staff tags in batches

On the staff search page you can select multiple staff using the checkboxes:

Then go to With selected > Add tag:

The following dialogue will appear allowing you to add an existing tag by starting to type or by adding your full tag and pressing enter:

Then press OK to add those tags to those selected profiles.

Managing staff tags

Under Staff > Manage tags you can:

  • Add/edit and remove tags
  • Add/remove staff to tags

The following actions can be performed here to better manage your tags and staff allocated to those tags:

  • Add a new tag by clicking on the 'Add new' button
  • Delete a tag by clicking on 'Delete'
    • Note that this will remove this tag from all staff profile
  • Click on Edit(# staff) to
    • Edit the tag name
    • Use the 'Staff' auto completer field to add and remove staff from the tag:

Searching using Staff tags

Under 'Staff search > Contact details' you can search by staff tags.

This 'Tags' search field is in the third column as shown: